01 Amla Ghan Vati ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Corrects Anemia. It improves body resistance and effective in debilitating conditions.Useful in amlapitta (hyper acidity), Burning sensation etc. Useful in eye diseases
02 Ashwagandha Ghan Vati ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Useful in General Debility, Act as a nutrient and health restorative and anti-stress herb. Also useful in nervous break down, senile debility and rheumatism
03 Bawchi Ghan Vati ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Very useful in skin affections, dermal patches, it purifies blood. it is successful in the treatment of leucoderma and psoriasis and also useful in other skin diseases
04 Bhrungaraj Ghan Vati ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Useful hair tonic and liver tonic
05 Brahmi Ghan Vati ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Brain tonic
06 Galo Ghan Vati ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Useful in fever, Boil, Skin problems. Blood purifier etc. It improves blood circulation, kidney function and appetite
07 Goukshru Ghan Vati ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Useful in urinary disorders, Calculus, Urinary obstruction
08 Kadachhal Ghan Vati A.B. -18 Useful in diarrhoea and dysentry etc..
09 Kariyatu Ghan Vati B.P Antipyretic and useful in liver tonic.
10 Kantakari Ghan Vati B.P Useful in cough, Asthama, chest pain, catarrh, dropsy, and it used for chronic cough in childern.
11 Khawchhabeej Ghan Vati A.B.- 18 It is one of the best Aphrodisiac and sex stimulant. Useful in seminal weakness and general debiliy.
12 Manjisthadi Ghan Vati R.T.S.P.S -1 Blood purifier, antiseptic, exples poisonous toxin from the systerms.
13 Mahasudarshan Ghan Vati R.T.S.P.S-1 anti-pyretic, Analgestic, anti-malaria anti-inflamatory properties, Useful in Infuenza with muscular pain, intermittent fever, flu, bronchial fever, and viral fever.
14 Mamejwa Ghan Vati B.P Useful in Diabetes. Carminative and Appetite stimulant.
15 Nema Ghan Vati A.B.-18 Useful in skin diseases, Itchy skin fever. Act as Blood Purifier
16 Purnanava Ghan Vati A.B.-18 Useful in Anaemia, jaundice, oedema, inflammations and urinary disorder
17 Sarpagandha Ghan Vati A.B.-18 It helps to rewlive stress and tension and offers sound sleep at night as it possesses sadative action.
18 Satavary Ghan Vati B.P A natural antacid, General tonic.
19 Vasaka(ardusi) Ghan Vati A.B. -18 It is a very well established expectorant, and anti- spasmodic and useful in chest affections and bronchitiss. It clams down cough and is very useful in chronic bronchitis
20 Yesthimadhu Ghan Vati A.B. -18

It Useful in cough, Hoarseness voice, Throat, Inflammation, AsthAma, Respositry disorder etc.
21 Ashokacjhhal Ghan Vati A.B. -18 It is much useful in uterine affection, especially in menorrhagia due to uterine fibroids and other causes. It also check Leucorrhoea.
22 Nirgundi Ghan Vati A.B. -18 It is much useful in moring stiffness, Strenghthens muscles and helps to restore joint functions. also useful in nervine disorders..