01 Ajmodadi Churna ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Useful in Rheumatism, Arthritis and gas trouble etc. Act as a digestive also
02 Avipatikar Churna B.R Useful in hyper acidity and gastric distress. Also useful in Burning and constipation
03 Lavanbhaskar Churna ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Digestive, useful in Gas trouble
04 Hingwastikar Churna ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Useful in Gas trouble, indigestion and abdominal pain ect..
05 Mahasudarshan Churna R.T.S.P.S-1 Useful in all types of fever, Malaria and loss of appetite
06 Rasayan Churna ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 A general tonic. Also Useful in urinary tract disorders.
07 Shivakshar Pachan Churna R.T.S.P.S-1 Useful in indigestion.Gastric problems and Constipation.
08 Sitopladi Churna AB-.18 Useful in cough, respiratory disorders and asthma etc.
09 Swadist Virechan Churna A.B.-18 Useful in constipation, piles. Also act as digestive
10 Trikatu Churna A.B.-18 Useful in comman cold, cough and respiratory and also act as digesive.
11 Triphala Churna A.B.-18 Laxative, Blood purifier and useful in eye dieseases and constipation.